Worksite Solutions

Worksite Financial Solutions consists of three areas to help you bring more information and resources to your employees in the realm of their financial lives.

1. Education – Heighten your employee's awareness of financial wellness and how their choices have an impact on their future to help reduce financial stress.

2. Guidance – An unbiased and rich guidance service to help your employees understand and track toward their retirement goals and manage their retirement account.

3. Transitions – A targeted suite of services to help your transitioning employees—such as a new employee, separating employee or a pre-retiree

Overall Program Questions

Q: Why should I offer this to my employees?
A: The trends in the retirement industry are clear. In recent employee studies:

  • 70% say they lack time, interest and knowledge to manage their retirement plan.
  • 70% say that their 401(k) is their only or primary source of retirement savings.
  • 53% find retirement benefits even more confusing than healthcare benefits.
  • 82% say that they feel more productive when their finances are in order.

Employees desire education and guidance while employers are looking to their trusted advisors for solutions.

Q: What impact can it have on my employees?
A: With the help of your advisor, guidance can make a difference. Recent employee studies have shown:

  • 70% who received guidance doubled their average savings rate (from 5% to 10%) and increased their asset diversification level (from 3.7 to 8 or more asset classes).
  • 92% who received guidance stayed the course through the volatile markets of 2008-2009.

Q: How much does it cost for the program?
A: The service will be implemented in the plan without any charge to the plan sponsor. In most cases the fee associated with this service is borne by the employee, if they opt into the service. However, the plan sponsor may pay for the service on behalf of their employees. The Employee Education Solution is bundled into either the Employee Guidance Solution and/or the Employee Transition Solution without a charge to the plan sponsor.

Q: Are the various components of the program offered separately or is it a packaged offering?
A: The following combinations of services are available:

  • Employee Transition Solution Only
  • Employee Education Solution with Employee Transition Solution
  • Employee Guidance Solution Only
  • Employee Education Solution with Employee Guidance Solution
  • Employee Education Solution with Employee Transition Solution and Employee Guidance Solution

Q: Employers see themselves as problem solvers and responsible for making the right decisions for their organization. How does this program address that?
A: This program is designed to assist employers in giving comprehensive retirement planning services that focus on all stages of the employee's employment lifecycle. Most employers do not have the time or resources to offer such robust services on their own. By using this program, employers can address the ongoing retirement planning concerns that their employees are facing in these turbulent financial times.

Q: How are the services delivered?
A: The services will be delivered by your advisor team onsite and through a dedicated call center.

Q: What are the initial and ongoing support needs for this program from my HR/benefits team?
A: Your advisor team will handle most of the ongoing support. They will work with your HR/benefits team to market the program to your employees in an effort to ensure they are getting the maximum benefit from it. You will be required to provide some ongoing data which will be outlined in the plan sponsor agreement you will complete when you enter the program.

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